DEL Conference 2023

Public Engagement, Aid & Sustainable Development: Evidence, Insights & the Road to 2030

27-28th April 2023

Kings Place, King’s Cross, London


Thursday 27 April 2023

Breakfast & Registration 8.30-9.30 – Battlebridge Reception and Battlebridge Bar

Welcome & Agenda 9.30-9.45 – Battlebridge

Jennifer Hudson, Director, Development Engagement Lab

Session 1: 9.45-11.00

Panel 1: Building Support for Sustainable Development: The Road to 2030 – Battlebridge

Chair: Simon Maxwell, Senior Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute

  • Eniola Harrison, Co-Founder, Africa Communications Week
  • David Hudson, Co-Director, Development Engagement Lab
  • David McNair, Executive Director of Global Policy, ONE Campaign
  • Kirsty McNeill, Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy & Campaigns, Save the Children UK
  • Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

Break 11.00-11.15 Battlebridge Bar

Session 2 11.15-12.45

Panel 2a: Covid, Climate & Ukraine: Sustainable Development & Global Challenges – Canalside

Chair: Romilly Greenhill, UK Director, ONE Campaign

  • Simon Beresford, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Disasters Emergency Committee
  • Samantha Custer, Director of Policy Analysis, AidData William & Mary
  • Jack Luttman, Director, Brunswick Group
  • Soomin Oh, Research Fellow, Development Engagement Lab

Panel 2b: Telling the Story: Lessons in Shifting the Dial – Battlebridge

Chair: Russ Hargrave, Senior News Reporter, Third Sector

  • Joelle Bassoul, Communications Manager, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development
  • Miguel Castro, Deputy Director of Program Communications, Gates Foundation
  • Mark Galloway, Executive Director, International Broadcasting Trust
  • William Worley, Reporter, Devex

Lunch 12.45-13.45 Battlebridge Bar

Session 3 13.45-15.15

Panel 3a: Innovation in Communications & Public Engagement – Canalside

Chair: Kathryn Kross, Executive Director of Communications, United Nations Foundation

  • Secil Erden, Senior Insight Advisor, Wellcome Trust
  • Marte Lid, Head of Campaigns, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Christian Maentele, Head of Project #17Ziele, Engagement Global gGmbH
  • Paolo Morini, Senior Research Fellow, Development Engagement Lab

Panel 3b: Everywhere & Nowhere: Putting Gender at the Centre of Public Engagement with Aid & Development – Battlebridge

Chair: Sergius Seebohm, Founder and Director,

  • Alexandra Gödderz, Evaluator; Helge Zille, Evaluator; Martin Bruder, Head of Department: Civil Society and Human Rights; Sebastian Schneider, Evaluator, German Institute for * Development Evaluation
  • Maureen Kangere, Communications & Advocacy Specialist, International Center for Research on Women
  • Yoshiharu Kobayashi, Associate Professor, Leeds University
  • Karoline Lerche, Director of Partnerships & Communication, ONE Germany
  • Anna Minasyan, Associate Professor, University of Groningen

Break 15.15-15.30 – Battlebridge Bar

Session 4 15.30-17.00

Panel 4a: People in Pictures: Representation, Decolonisation & Transforming Development – Canalside

Chair: Fabrice Ferrier, Director, Focus 2030

  • Lena Bheeroo, Equity and Engagement Manager, Bond
  • Alexandra Cardoso Pinta, Medical Student, Imperial College London & Sameed Shariq, Researcher, Imperial College London
  • Jess Crombie, Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts London & Communication Ethics Consultant
  • Vidushi Yadav, Artist, Illustrator & Visual Designer

Panel 4b: Development Cooperation: Support under Pressure – Battlebridge

Chair: Marte Lid, Norwegian Agency for Development

  • A. Burcu Bayram, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Arkansas
  • Eleanor Carey, Policy Analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development
  • Ryan Henson, Chief Executive, Coalition for Global Prosperity
  • Gabriella Montinola, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Davis

Break 17.00-17.15 M Battlebridge Bar

Session 5 17.15-18.15

Keynote Lecture - Battlebridge

Introduction: Jennifer Hudson, Director, Development Engagement Lab

Chair: David Hudson, Co-Director, Development Engagement Lab

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell, Minister of State, Minister for Development & Africa

Drinks reception 18.15-19.30 Battlebridge Terrace

Dinner 19.30-22.00 Battlebridge Dining Room

Friday 28 April 2023

Breakfast & Registration 8.30-9.30 – Main Reception and Battlebridge Bar

Session 6 9.30-11.00

Panel 6a: Shift the Power: Can we Bring the Public Along? – Canalside

Chair: Lena Bheeroo, Bond

  • Nicola Banks & Chibwe Henry, Co-Founders, One World Together
  • Ayesha Farah, Comms & Advocacy Manager, Comic Relief
  • Mark Gray, Head of Political Strategy & Communication, Directorate-General for International * Partnerships, European Commission
  • Annie Mutamba, Public Affairs Consultant & Co-Founder, Africa Communications Week

Panel 6b: Reaching Sceptical Audiences – Battlebridge

Chair: Molly Anders, Research Impact, Communications & Engagement Lead, & UK Partner Consultant, Development Engagement Lab

  • Richard Darlington, Campaign Director, Aid Alliance
  • David Hudson, Professor of Politics and Development, Development Engagement Lab
  • Rikke Lind Andersson, Head of Engagement, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish International Development Agency/Danida
  • Saul Parker, Founder, The Good Side

Break 11.00-11.15 – Battlebridge Bar

Session 7 11.15-12.45

Keynote Lecture – Battlebridge

Chair: David Cantor, Deputy Director Measurement and Insights, Gates Foundation

Delphine O, Ambassador, Secretary General for the Generation Equality Forum

Thanks and Close 12.45-13.00 – Battlebridge

David Hudson, Co-Director, Development Engagement Lab

Lunch 13.00-14.00 – Battlebridge Bar