Dashboard: Attitudes and Engagement in Great Britain in January 2021

This Dashboard, published in Janaury 2021, updates data around public engagement and attitudes and Great Britain.

Key insights:

  • Economic crises, job security and wages remains the issue GB respondents are most concerned about (49%).
  • Concern has increased significantly for the spread of fake news (+5% since October 2020 to 24%), education, healthcare, clean water and hunger in developing countries (+3% to 22%), and technology and automation (+2% to 9%). Concern for migration and refugees fell by 8% since October 2020 to 24%.
  • Most attitudinal measures of engagement have not changed significantly. There are some encouraging signs in the efficacy battery – with increases in perceived efficacy for individuals, organisations, and aid – which has recovered over the past six months.
  • Aid support levels have not change significantly across all countries. The US, which had signed a very big increase in support in October 2020, has since reverted to June 2020 levels.