Dashboard: Germany Aid Attitudes & Engagement 2020

This Dashboard, downloadable below as a pdf file, presents top-line findings for Germany in 2020, which show changes in attitudes and engagement from last year. The DEL Dashboard offers an easily digestible snapshot of shifts in issues of concern, engagement and attitudes.


  • The landscape of issues of most concern for German respondents has changed significantly since January 2020. Global diseases and pandemics are now the second most concerning issue (+27%), followed by economic crises (+13%). Climate change remains the issue the German public say they personally care most about. War, conflict and terrorism (-19%), and immigration, migration, and refugees (-8%) are less concerning relative to other issues.

  • Support for aid and belief in its efficacy have decreased significantly since January, as has trust in charities.

  • Support for aid spending has also decreased significantly in the US (-6%), remained flat in Great Britain, and reverted to September 2019 levels in France and Germany.