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RT @FZimm: More evidence that we need to shift to positive, hope-based campaigns. Great post by @mollyanders_dev of @DevEngageLab. https:/…


RT @Labour_LIDN: Who do you think the public trust most to deliver AID? a. The Politician b. The Billionaire c. The Pharmaceutical Compa…

RT @J_A_Hudson: @DevEngageLab is launch a new report on Effective Messengers for International Development on 5 March which will be of inte…

Does the public's awareness of progress increase their likelihood of supporting global causes like poverty reduction? Our latest blog: https://t.co/MSrLf5K5e7 #globaldev #devcomms https://t.co/d6hVt2YlSO


Who make the best messengers in #globaldev appeals and campaigns? Join us for this free event to discuss the best (and worst) messengers in #globaldev #devcomms, based on the results of our quantitative research: https://t.co/lMMXv3bJqw


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