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The good news is, where public awareness of these challenges IS low, there are tools for increasing support! Namely, explaining the nature of institutional barriers faced by women: https://t.co/6o4CRgDrcE #DatabyDEL #genderequality #devcomms

This is despite high public awareness that women face greater hardship in the pandemic, according to a survey of Great Britain: https://t.co/aJLz2IZhRb by @pmorini1 If the public understand these challenges, then neglecting to protect women is clearly a policy failure (2/3) https://t.co/yyVUYT5wiC


A new UN report has found that most countries are failing women & girls in their COVID response. Women are almost 2x likely to lose their jobs as men, while poverty among women is set to grow by 9.1% (1/3) https://t.co/omumJob3kC

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'Companies will make 20% of production available to low- and middle-income countries and 80% to the rest' to prevent rich countries clearing out supply. Our data shows that most people want vaccine to go to all countries equally, or most vulnerable first https://t.co/dkg3cpLRMb


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