RT @uclspp: Following the adjustment to the #aid budget, we very much encourage you to check out the research conducted by our Head of Depa…

RT @LiberalTucker: @EdWhiting1 Agree, this question is a terrible (biased) way to measure people's attitudes on aid. There's lots of resear…

The UK government has proposed cutting the aid target from 0.7% to 0.5% of GNI. Our data shows that more people believe the target 'saves lives' and 'is the right thing to do' than disagree. The latest data: #DatabyDEL #UKAid https://t.co/piVE4rtiQC


@Steven_Swinford @kateferguson4 Actually, our data shows that more of the British public agree that the target is the 'right thing to do' and 'saves lives' than disagree. This is from August 2020, pre second lockdown. #DatabyDEL https://t.co/swq5D7FhGr


Donations to #globaldev organisations have gone down across the sector since the start of the #COVID19 pandemic, but what about other forms of public engagement? #IOTW #DatabyDEL https://t.co/kPtaoBXdNF



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