RT @bondngo: ICYMI: Is the general public aware of the inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic? And does increased awareness around inequa…

How have the German public experienced the #COVID19 pandemic? Almost a third reported mental health worries & concern for relatives. #DatabyDEL #IOTW https://t.co/oHQ5z80oHh


When it comes to spending overseas aid, how do the British public want to 'build back better'? Our latest blog on the 'build back better' ethos and how it's resonating in Great Britain: https://t.co/HiKqEt5iAW #DatabyDEL #IOTW https://t.co/PbP2oeBEnv


Significant changes in how people are engaging with #globaldev: Increase in the totally disengaged, decrease in the 'transactionally engaged' Happening now: @profdavidhudson & @bondngo presenting the latest data on public engagement. Join us! https://t.co/JmUUJ7iv6Y https://t.co/mDQSwOQHyX


How does 'Build Back Better' land with the public? Are terms like 'resilience' & 'sustainability' falling flat? Join us TODAY 3pm GMT with @bondngo for the latest data around what the public want to see in the #COVID19 #recovery https://t.co/B2G3S0ElxR #globaldev #UKAid https://t.co/QoDggkLzr6


RT @bondngo: This survey forms one of the first steps of the Racial Equity Index Working Group to create a definition of Racial Equity with…


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