Do you think the cost of living crisis has affected public donations to charities working overseas? Think again! We usually see a spike in donations this time of year, and this year was no different. #IOTW #DatabyDEL #donations #fundraising #devcomms https://t.co/PQeviv3NKA


Have you seen our Call for Papers ahead of the DEL workshop this spring? https://t.co/CiGosjgXHs We're looking for submissions exploring topics related to public engagement with aid & #GlobalDev, public attitudes & communications. #devcomms #callforpapers #academia

@Alexgoedderz @DEval_Institute @Martin_Bruder @HelgeZille Congrats, Alexandra! We look forward to working with you! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Want to see where other issues like WASH, education, war/terrorism, and more) land with the British, German, U.S. and French publics? Check out our Dashboards, updated every three months: https://t.co/evb5jvrcul #DatabyDEL

Finally, France. French public opinion is all over the place on immigration, though there is a notable spike in October 2021. Why? https://t.co/snx7izNWs0



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